Bulgarian Babies- Economic Immigration


The NHS spends a massive 350 million pounds according to the BBC on providing maternity care to those children born with foreign mothers. This is a 200 million pound increase with just over 20% of all births now being attributed to babies with foreign mothers.

Now before any labour readers throw their toys out of the pram, I am no advocating that migrants do not receive treatment or they should pay or something; that is not the point of the NHS, free at the point of use is a principle I really admire. However this does represent this government’s woeful planning for huge demographic change after we opened our boarders to the new EU states.

Some maternity units have had to close so that midwives could be focused in acute need areas, often our major cities. This is just unacceptable. The government should not have allowed such huge immigration without sufficient planning. Only now the NHS is trying to catch up with one senior consultant calling the care provided unacceptable.

This story comes just days after the chief constable of Kent said his force is being put under immense strain dealing with crimes committee by immigrants including violent street crime, child sex slavery, drugs and people trafficking. WHY should we the native population be subjected to higher crime, and poorer health standards because this government has not done anything to control economic migration?

If we combine these problems with the huge increase in translation cost, increasing difficulty for teachers to teach so many foreign students and the inevitable wage deflation for native workers what benefits have British people gained from our new polish friends coming over in such high numbers? While they flourish we suffer.

CONTROLLED immigration for economic reasons is essential, uncontrolled free for all, costs us a lot, and who pays, middle England of course.

NOW is the time that immigration was properly controlled with a Australian style points system, which is rigorously controlled. Oh and perhaps the government could actually figure out how many people are here too so public services could have some facts to base their plans on.

Foreigners are NOT to blame it is the LABOUR GOVERNMENT’S BAD IMMIGRATION POLICY. We need an effective immigration system and we needed it a few years ago.


2 thoughts on “Bulgarian Babies- Economic Immigration

  1. The problem is Ryan is that no-one will really be able to work out now how many people are here. How on earth will we ever be able to count them?

    Can u imagine a biblican style census taking place??

    ‘Please come here if your an illgeal immigrant!!’ i DON’T THINK SO!

    You say we needed it a few years ago, I agree the challenges that we face now are completely different, so we need to find new methods of tackling immigration and helping our economy!

  2. Hello-I am asking permission to use the photo that you used for the “Bulgarian Babies-Economic Immigration” in a free DVD I am producing for Gideons International. Thse photo in question shows three babies grouped togather on a white field.

    Please let me know if this is possible as soon as you can.
    Stan Binghamton University

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