The US, a week in review.

This is hopefully the beginning of a weekly blog containing a couple of the highlights and roundups of the past week in the US presidential election.

South Carolina

As I’m sure most of you are aware, the main highlight of the past week was Obama’s landslide win in South Carolina, sweeping 55% of the vote compared to Clinton’s 27%. This has largely been played down in the Clinton Camp, who have cited the 80% support within the black communities as the determining factor, with Bill Clinton going as far as comparing Obama to Jesse Jackson’s previous successes in the state. These claims do hold some water though, race in politics is a far more contentious issue than in the UK and if you look at the polling data on who white voters supported they predominately voted for Obama’s rivals (only 25% voting for Obama). Be that as it may personally I don’t think South Carolina has made the end result any clearer, one thing I am quite confident on though is despite the negative affects to Clinton and Obama’s bickering it hasn’t been enough to save Edwards who only took 18% and this being his native state. It will be interesting to see whether Edwards can hold on at least long enough to influence future debate..

Giuliani trailing..

Meanwhile on the republican front Giuliani is not doing at all well, being pushed into fourth place (13%) in recent polls for the upcoming Florida Primary while Romney and McCain are neck and neck. This is not good news at all for Giuliani who although being one of the most high profile candidates only has 2 declared delegates compared to Romney’s 73. Especially if you take into consideration that Giuliani’s game plan has been to ignore smaller less significant states (trailing sixth at some points) and focus campaigning and financing on Florida’s 57 delegates. I think even Giuliani himself is fully aware it’s going to take a miracle to change him from the candidate that never was…

And Finally

A little quiz for those of you yet to make up their minds.


6 thoughts on “The US, a week in review.

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  3. Personally, I’m not impressed by the level the democratic contest has sunk to. I think it was poor and hopefully ill-judged of Bill Clinton to suggest that Obama won because of the state’s portion of black Americans. This is clearly not a high level of debate.

    Though, I think you’re right about the result being unclear. My preference would be Obama, as I’m not comfortable with the political hegemony of the Clinton’s. However, Obama, despite South Carolina, is looking slightly weaker.

  4. I love Hillary Clinton more than some members of my family, so I may not be the most independent person to criticise her campaign. I do think that it is HIGHLY exciting, however, that the Democrats are proving so much more politically interesting than the Republicans, and that so little ink was been wasted as the GOP tries to decide which fascist geriatric it wants to be its nominee.

    I think that McCain is looking pretty good for a septugenarian right now, and that Guiliani is, in political vernacular, fucked. We’ll see how Florida goes before I commit on that prediction because Romney can’t be discounted but I largely don’t care.

    After the Tuesday-to-end-all-Tuesdays (to give it my pet name) I expect Hillary to be leading slightly but the party to still not have settled on a nominee. Democracy in action; can’t beat it.

  5. Come on Obama! He’s just received the endorsement of JFK’s brother, and daughter (thus pitching the Democrat’s two biggest families against one another) – Exciting stuff!

  6. Barack Obama is an exceptional politician granted… but he is by no means a President in waiting. The media hype around him will soon die down… Clinton faces an uphill struggle because she has one thing Obama doesnt… experience… history… and a long political career… thus there are elements of the media that will do all they can to discredit her… Obama looks new… fresh… he is “untainted”… regardless I still believe Hillary will romp home and secure the democrat nomination which should, emphasis on should, culminate in the Presidency.

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