Guild referendum, whats it all about really?


if you don’t like it don’t read it!

 There has been a lot of information flying around on facebook this week, about a so called referendum that the Guild is holding in a couple of weeks. It’s tagline is ‘SAVE THE GUILD’.

 I have read a lot of the information on the various groups and have found it all rather confusing. Apparently Guild members want to change the constitution to apply with more regulations under the government and help us become a charity.

However, I think it is really poorly explained, partly due to the fact it seems to be rushed through so quickly, which I believe leads to many questions about what Guild members are trying to do. They have set the deadline, and only given themselves two weeks for a debate to be held. This strikes me as rather worrying and leads to more questions being asked than it does answered.

Furthermore, I think the Guild have got to be careful with how they conduct this vote, the second tagline on the flyers is ‘What would your university life be like without the Guild’?

Having to spoke to numerous people outside of the sphere of student politics, they seem very unaware of what the Guild does for them, however, they have been invited to these facebook groups. They seem to have subconsciously turned it into a referendum of, ‘Does the make my life at University any different?’ The resounding answer to this from them is, it doesn’t do anything, and is full of wannabe politicos.

Let me make it clear now, I believe the majority of people in the Guild are in it for the right reasons, just like the majority of politicians. I have on occasions had difficulties with the Guild, they seem to put more obstacles in the way. A simple event that you want to organise turns out to be a incredibly tiring affair. However, a Guild run by the students I believe is by far and away is the best thing.

A simple yesvote I believe is the correct thing to allow our Guild to function at its best. However, I think they have to be clear about what this referendum is about, many students seem to count the Guild as an irrelevance, with I think less than a 15% turnout in the annual elections. This in turn could result this becoming a referendum on the nature and purpose of the Guild rather than on what apparently is a relatively simple vote.

The Guild are in massive danger of ‘hyperboling’ this, probably because they require 10% of the students to vote for it to count.

 I am sure Guild members will be keen to explain in the comments what it is really about, and will say I am not helping at all! However, I would regard myself as being too involved with students politics, I would say I have a passing interest and these are just my observations which I have discussions with friends of mine, who have no interest but seem to hold similar views.

In Iain Dale’s words: *Battens down hatches!!*


6 thoughts on “Guild referendum, whats it all about really?

  1. Not at all Jimmy, you’re points are very good.

    However, one has to sympathise with the Guild executive, who essentially have to make THE most boring thing sound interesting to the common student.

    The more people that vote in this, the better, because if nothing else, the Uni will see that the Guild can mobilise and is a force to be reckoned with, as student unions were in the 60s.

    Also, as Guild types you and i both know that is does try to do great things, and yes we both know too that all the bureaucracy and procedure are ridiculous. So why dont we support their drive for a new consitution, simpler, more modern, more effective? We’ve tried tweaking the old one, it doesnt work.

    Also, for those confused by the referendum, Fabian has drawn up a great facebook group (It’s not rocket science, the no nonsense guide to the referendum).

  2. I agree, that Fabians group, is the best so far by a long way, and in my mind demonstrates his qualities as being one of the best Guild Councillors who is actually in touch with your ‘average’ student.

    I agree almost entirely with your points Ed, we have both encountered ffustrations on putting events together.

    My main worry is the explanation for why it has too happen and why so quickly, it seems like a hash job has been made of explaining it to the average student, will the majority of them now join another group that Fab has made, I hope so because its great in explaining it. If more time had been taken over the debate instead of trying to rush it through so quickly we may not have these problems

    However, my worry is maybe that a significant amount of damage has been done already.

  3. Don’t think Fabian is a guild councillor. He is an indi-chair and has been found guilty of a couple of misconducts so i dont think we should trust him.

  4. I think that is quite harsh to be honest Steve, He has previously been a Guild Councillor though, I thoroughly enjoyd working with him on our time together on Shackleton Resident’s Association.

    He has independently created this group, which I personally believe has been a great help!

  5. Hi Steve,

    I don’t know you but it seems you know me… Well, as you correctly say I am not a Guild Councillor (but I was one last year and that is what Jimmy was referring to). Yes, the warden of the Guild found the committee of independent chairpersons (NOT me) guilty of minor misconduct. However, in his report he stated that this misconduct shall not lead Guild Council to censure the committee as, although it had broken by-laws, it had done so in the spirit of democracy and should not be blamed. Actually he went on to congratulate us on our work. Moreover GC decided not to take any action on said report and hence reinforced this feeling.

    While this does not mean that you must trust me, it does also not mean the opposite. Instead of writing on blogs trying to discredit me, please in future contact me and see for yourself if I am trustworthy or not.


    P.S.: Jimmy, I also enjoyed working with you

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