Independence Independence Independence.

No, no do not worry this is not a blog about Scotland, but one about something far more important. Public Services. New Labour have done a few good things for the country, one good example is the releasing of the Bank of England from Politicians. We now have an independent committee, which decides which interest rates would best suit the economy for economic reasons, not what interest rates would suit the government politically.

This system works quite well and I like it. Why do we not then remove politicians from other spheres of influence? i think our public services should be run and managed at the top not by a government department but by an independent committee of professionals, and public users. This would work most effectively in healthcare provision. The NHS is used as a political tool too often, something I blogged about in my entry called Crisis Creationism and following Daniel’s damming condemnation of politicians it makes sense to remove them.

Under this system healthcare goals could be set which are in the interests of healthcare provision, politics and the headline culture would be removed from the functioning of the NHS. Targets could be set where needed and if done so by doctors and professionals they wouldn’t feel draconian by the near 1 million staff. It would allow for greater dynamism in management and innovation in delivery because public opinion obsessed politicians would not tie them down.

Now MPs should not worry they still have an important role in this system as our elected representatives and this would be one of holding the committees to account. MPs could ensure that they are providing excellent management of the service and discipline them if they are not. The committees would remain independent and there would be checks on MPs power. MPs would also put forward the views of the public to the committee.

Politics has no place in the NHS let’s remove it and watch it flourish.


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