Impotence, and why Gordon Brown is enough to put anyone off…


Thursday night was Tom Whittaker’s last major debate before stepping down as Chairman of the Debating Society. He’s shown great commitment and enthusiasm this year and it’s paid off. Unfortunately, Lembit Opik, who had been booked to speak, couldn’t make it (again), no doubt being plopped on by a cheeky girl. Don’t ask.

Facing hostile liberals, I stood-up to defend the motion that ‘government should never rescue failing private industry’. Embarrassingly, I forgot my first point. Not a sub-point to a more important point, but my first point. There was a long silence while I searched my notes for a lifeline. I have never been so impotent, with the exception of one night in second year I’d rather forget.

Partly because of my performance, I have decided not be a politician. Though, there is another reason. Politicians, I’m sure, are lovely people. In fact I know some, and they are lovely. But they are also self-interested, career driven, back-stabbing, manipulative, attention seeking, egotistical individuals. Take Gordon Brown.

Why did our Prime Minister jet off to India last week? While there he announced an £800 million aid package to help develop education in India. He also lent his support to India’s aim of a seat on the UN security council. We heard how Ghandi had inspired him on his path to Number Ten. In fact, this is the second time the PM has visited India during his tenure.

So any ideas? Maybe to foster diplomatic relations? Or to pave the way for British investors? Perhaps. But no. The main reason is that he wants Indian (and Chinese) companies to buy-out British companies. And he wants them to do so as quickly as possible, pumping new money into the British economy. It’s a short-termist approach, but Gordon Brown is facing a recession and a general election, and he’s desperate. So never mind the long-term health of the economy.


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