Hain finally resigns

He has apparently resigned in order to clear his name, as there will be a police investigation!

If he had gone all those weeks again, it would have given restbite to Labour in so many news cycles, it really does beggar belief, in some ways that it has taken this long.

Will we now see the Domino effect? Alexander – Harman . . .

Brookes Cartoon


5 thoughts on “Hain finally resigns

  1. If quitting to “clear your name” is the order of the day then surely by the weekend the good Mr Brown will be sitting in the cabinet office on his own, least that means there won’t be anyone around to argue with him over the colour of new curtains however.

  2. Is this the first Ministerial resignation as a direct result of blogging? After all, Hain’s campaign was first targeted by Guido Fawkes a year ago….

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