Comittee re structing

It is not only the blog which is undergoing a revamp to try and make the committee more efficient and better at running a society, we have decided to re define some of the committee positions, editing some titles and some people moving places. In the aims of transparency I believed that it was best to make it public.

  CHAIRMAN – THEO LOMAS – is to take a leading role in ensuring the smooth running of Birmingham Uni CF, will delegate roles of responsibility to other members of the committee and assist when necessary.  It is important that the chair networks and gains contacts as much as possible and this person is ultimately responsible for dealing with visits from cabinet ministers, MPs etc. 

VICE CHAIR – EXTERNALANDY DUNBARis to deal with all issues outside of the uni, to attend one city branch meeting and one Edgbaston committee per term and has a responsibility to promote the CF outside of the university environment with local dignitaries.


VICE CHAIR – INTERNAL RYAN CASTLE must attend at least half of the guild meetings per term, promote membership as much as possible, be a point of call for the guild and ensure that the secretary and treasurer are both carrying out their respective roles.


SECRETARYLAURA MARKHAM – must hold the list of members, carry out risk assessments for each event, be in charge of all general administration and take the minutes at each meeting.


TREASURERLAURA BLYTH– to take charge of the finance, come up with new fund-raising ideas as often as possible and to provide a finance report regularly as a formality.

EVENTS COORDINATOR – LYDIA THORNTON – is to be in charge of all events that take place for CF, create them and come up with new ideas on a regular basis for social and political events and be aware of Birmingham city branch events etc.  Also the events officer must be sort out guests and know who is attending i.e. politicians.

BLOG EDITORJIMMY MCLOUGHLIN– as a new role the blog editor is to basically to take charge of the blog.  He/she must write at least one blog per week, check the blog daily to ensure that everything on it is appropriate and good and provide a blog report at each meeting.  If there are any problems with the blog, these will fall to the blog editor to resolve and the editor is also responsible for promoting the blog.


One thought on “Comittee re structing

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