Housing in Birmingham

I currently live in Sellyoak, like the majority of second and third year students at the University of Birmingham. There have been numerous problems with our house, letters come through every day marked from the council ‘urgent’ addressed to our landlord. I do not want to get into specific issues.

 However, it has transpired today that Birmingham City Council, which looks after a population of almost one million people has just six members of a team to take care of housing irregularities. I doubt that would even be able to police Sellyoak properly let alone the rest of the second biggest city in the United Kingdom.

 This I believe is quite a staggering state of affairs.


2 thoughts on “Housing in Birmingham

  1. This is why I get so angry when we get the whole ‘just cut bureacracy’ line whenever someone says that they can fund big tax cuts.

  2. I take your point their Jack.

    However, I even spoke to a different housing department today, who have more employees who had not entered into correspondence they were both telling different things, perhaps if there was less bureacracy, then there would be greater efficency amogst departments.

    In defence, when people say cutting bureaucracy they do not neceserily mean getting rid of people in jobs!!!

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