Event Tomorrow night (24th January)

Join the BUCF committee tomorrow night for pre drinks before we go and join the Debating Society for the debate on

‘This House believes that Government should never rescue failing private industries’

It promises to be an enthralling debate, Alex Ward is proposing the motion, Alex is an enourmously experienced debater, having even gone to the European Championships for debating in previous years. Although he is going to need it when you consider that he is up against . . . 

The one and only . . . (although there are two of his girlfriend) LEMBIT OPIK.

That’s correct the Liberal Democrat spokesperson for business is coming to Birmingham. Lembit is well known for dating one of the Cheeky Girls, but also for his appearences on, ‘Have I got News For You’ and for once claiming that an asteroid was going to hit earth.

It should be a great debate, please join the BUCF committee for pre drinks around the back of Joe’s Bar in the Guild (to the left of the picture as you look at it) and then we will go to the debate 6:30, which should be concluded by 8:30.

Lembit Opik and Gabriela Irimia on holiday


2 thoughts on “Event Tomorrow night (24th January)

  1. Surely though if Lembit argues against this, then he is opposing his owns partys posistion on Northern Rock?

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