It is just a mere 99 days to go, until the London Mayoral Election on May 1st, after seeing the Dispatches programme last night on Ken Livingstone and his shocking drinking habits (and they give us students stick for it, even me and my housemates don’t crack open the Whisky at 10am!) 

It is clear for all to see that Ken is not fit for office, and we must do all we can, to help the nations great capital prosper under a true champion of the people . . . Boris!


8 thoughts on “99 DAYS TO GO!!

  1. Boris did a really good article in the Spectator about how he would honour our troops, for this reason alone he should be London Mayor. I can see Boris winning by a large margin just on popularity.

  2. That is a really interesting point you make Joe, do you think that this would be enough to win over Londoner’s who are sceptic as to whether Boris is serious enough to be Mayor of London?

  3. I do think he will, mostly on popularity, but I think that he campaigned on serious issues he feels strongly about (for example, the war in Iraq, celebrating our heritage) then he would win over the sceptics and gain a larger victory. I like Boris a lot, and I think its unfair when he’s labelled as some incompetent idiot when he is a highly articulated man.

  4. That’s interesting you say that Gareth, what on your reasons for that? I think that would be a very good gust blog!!

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