Take a Chance- Risk Management.

There have been many accusations against me for being a latent Socialist not least my dissertation tutor! Perhaps my benefit idea did seem overly socialist to some, which i would defend against i would like to point out that on this issue, risk management i am firmly in the bosom of conservative love.

The Governement has appointed a Risk Tsar, a title it seems to love which i won’t comment on now as i am sure you all find this new title as hilarious as i do. anyways they have appointed one to try and end the systemic risk adversion in out public services mostly relating to local authority policy and school policy. I welcome this move as a positive step but question the ideology that has left us in desperate need for this Tsar in the first place.

The Labour Government has mistrusted people for 10 years and now is surprised that civil servants scared of law suits demand googles for conker games. What is needed really is not another Tsar but for the government to place its trust back into indivduals to make their own safety decisions, something i do not think this government will be able to do.

If a parent deems conkers too dangerous for their child let them enforce that, but do not impose that rule on everyone. regarding school trips, schools would never allow children to be placed in extreme danger, it is diametrically opposed to teachers’ nature to do that. therefore allow them to run school trips free from the excessive paperwork and get on with teaching. We only need to look back at this week’s education headlines to see that Geography is one of the worst taught subjects and Ofsted comments that this is party down to the lack of field trips.

I know in our litigation society this is difficult with accidents noww always being someone else’s fault perhaps if judges could come down on the side of common sense more, or the government offer some sort of protection for public services workers then people may start to look after themselves more rather than demanding their be plan A B C D and E.

Sensible precautions are essential, excessive health and safety paranoia only harms those it seeks to protect.


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