An Inconvenient Truth?

(please remember this does not reflect the views of the society, it is a personal blog from one of our members — BUCF)

Forget public transport. You can now drive round in your four by four, without being screamed at by a hysterical lesbian on a bicycle. Unfortunately for our communists turned environmental campaigners, global warming is officially on hold.

In 2007, global temperatures did not rise. Neither did they rise in 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 or 2006. In fact global temperatures have remained flat for the last decade, despite an increase in atmospheric CO2 from 370 ppm to 380 ppm. This is observational fact.

The explanation given for this by the green lobby, is that carbon dioxide induced global warming is continuing, but that it has been offset by other atmospheric changes. However, they only seem to have theories which are unlikely if not impossible.

For those of you who have struggled on public transport for the past decade when you own a perfectly good car, or have traded your foreign holiday for a drizzly week in Bogner Regis, then you might have reason to feel badly deceived.


7 thoughts on “An Inconvenient Truth?

  1. there is also evidence to suggest that some of the warmest years on recoord have been in the last decade. there are other benefits to people getting out of cars on top of the environmental aswell.

  2. Daniel,

    You may also be interested to know that, on 31st August 1997, the Duke of Edinburgh drove a Fiat Uno, provided by MI5, which crashed into Di and Dodi’s car, killing them both. He was then airlifted back to Balmoral in time for breakfast.

  3. I have never trusted the Al Gore approach to global warming as a means to stop the use of fossil fuels for our energy. I do think, however that use of non-renewable sources do head us on a path for destruction. The quicker that we can figure out how to use renewable sources at affordable prices, the better off our society will be.
    In the solar arena, two ideas our on the horizon that may be available for residentail use with the next two years. One is thin film technology and the other is a solar lease model. I follow both ideas in my blog at

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