There’s only TWO David Cameron’s!

Apparently there is an eighteen year old Conservative candidate, he became eighteen just three days before the close for nominations, which in itself is almost worth a mention. He is standing in the local parish elections in Portishead central. His name David Cameron!

He does make it clear on his literature though that ‘Despite the coincidence of names, I must make it clear that I am not (or perhaps I should say not yet!) the leader of the Conservative Party!’

All here at BUCF wish him the best of luck with his campaign in becoming the youngest Parish Copuncillor in the country!

2 thoughts on “There’s only TWO David Cameron’s!

  1. Hello

    Thank you for the best wishes!

    The count was this morning and unfortuently, after a recount, I was just 2 votes away from becoming, as you put it, the youngest parish councillor in the country.

    I am quite surprised to find word has travelled as far as Birmingham University.

    David Cameron

  2. Commiserations! Sounds like you put up a terrific effort, it sounds incredibley unlucky, but I am sure it will stand you in goodstead for the future, and good luck with your A levels!

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